TED Day Three: The Vertigo of Too Many Amazing Ideas

March 18, 2015 9:32 PM

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On Wednesdays at TED, you reach a saturation point. The big ideas have come so fast and thick that they all kind of gel together into one Big Idea, more like a Big Idea-ness. On the one hand, you get swept up in it. On the one hand, the future is a vast ocean of possibility. On the other hand, the future is a well of Important Things to Think About so deep that if you peer over the edge, you could topple in and never reach the bottom.

You’re in a custom-built amphitheater erected from the ground up inside a vast hall of this convention center by the downtown Vancouver waterfront. And I know what you’re thinking: convention center? What could be more banal? But I’m telling you, this convention center is the shit. Its roof is basic...

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