The teaser trailer for Spectre will get you excited without giving anything away

March 27, 2015 11:46 PM

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Let's all be honest: the new James Bond film Spectre is proving to be one of the needier movies in recent memory. That's no small feat considering we live in a world where teaser trailers, and teasers for teaser trailers, and Vine teasers for the teasing of trailers is actually, you know, a thing. But to its credit, Spectre has managed to take the crown, besting all others in its never-ending hunt for attention. (Personally, I think it won with the teaser for the teaser poster — when the teaser poster ended up just being a picture of Daniel Craig. You know, the guy that we've already seen play Bond. In three separate movies.)

Still, here we are, and now it's time for Spectre to unveil the requisite teaser trailer. The funny thing? It's actually cool! It's full of foreboding without giving anything away, and makes me want to see James Bond do James Bondian things! And apparently he'll have plenty of opportunity, because a...

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