How to Teach Our Children to Celebrate the Extraordinary Ordinary

September 18, 2014 10:12 PM

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How to Teach Our Children to Celebrate the Extraordinary Ordinary

Today was a very ordinary day. Nothing special or particularly extraordinary happened. I woke up early and exercised. I made breakfast (frozen waffles tossed in the toaster), cleaned kitchen counters and prepared lunches. I broke up fights. I said "yes" to a few more minutes on the computer. I said "no" to a few more pieces of candy. I double-checked my older son's homework and helped the younger one get dressed. I sat at my desk and struggled through a few work projects. I read emails -- some good, some bad, some just kind of annoying. I walked the dogs around the block. I met with a contractor about our broken floor boards and leaking sink. I texted my husband, listened to some good music, checked in with a friend. At night, I went to a committee meeting at church, and before the day is done I hope to spend a little time reading in bed. I laughed a little, smiled a little and sighed a little. I felt frustrated at times, happy at times and content most of the time.

There are so many days like today -- so many ordinary, nothing special days. No extraordinary events, no dramatic celebrations, no top-of-the-world accomplishments. But have you noticed that it is days like today -- these ordinary, nothing special days -- that make up majority our lives? It isn't th...

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