Taylor Swift's New York Isn't Typical: 9 Real NYC Things the Pop Star Will Never Experience

October 28, 2014 7:53 PM

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Of course, Taylor's move to Manhattan as a wide-eyed twenty-something ready to embark on a journey of self discovery isn't typical. It's magical, yes, and she'll experience a level of glitz and glam all its own, but Taylor's New York experience is missing some of the quintessential, coming-of-age not-so-nicet things that make moving to the city gritty—and great.

1. The Hell That Is Trying to Find an Apartment: Tay's got property managers and what not to deal with this, but most new-to-New Yorkers are forced to find housing in a sketchier way: Craigslist! They'll discover fairly quickly that there might be a plethora of listings for $1,000-a-month places in ...

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