How Taylor Swift Made My Life Feel Like a Fairytale

October 20, 2014 7:11 PM

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How Taylor Swift Made My Life Feel Like a Fairytale

October 2, 2014 started as an average autumn day. I was about to start my shift at Dairy Queen when my phone rings, showing a RI number that I did not recognize. Expecting a telemarketer, I answered, and was greeted with, "Hi, is this Fallon Wilson? I'm calling from Taylor Nation." Immediately I start freaking out (of course) as the lady on the phone asks if I'd be interested in attending a secret event in Rhode Island on October 4. Attempting to control the excitement in my voice, I answered a bunch of questions, practically jumping up and down. I was then told a time, place and secret password to say upon arrival at the undisclosed location. They said to come alone, to leave my phone in the car and that if I were to share any of the event's information with anyone other than a parent prior to Saturday at 11 p.m., I would be disinvited.

Naturally, I could barely eat or sleep for the next two nights because I was so anxious and excited. I had read about the "1989 Secret Sessions" on Tumblr in the weeks previous, wondering how those people were chosen and how I could possibly be included in such an event. Then suddenly, come Saturday...

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