Tarantula Photos: Gallery of 'Eight-Legged Teddy Bears'

February 4, 2016 9:20 PM

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Tarantula Photos: Gallery of 'Eight-Legged Teddy Bears'

Tarantulas, frequently featured in campy horror movies like "Kingdom of the Spiders," star in a new study that reclassified dozens of tarantula species and described 14 new ones living in deserts, mountains, and backyard habitats in the southwestern U.S. Get acquainted with several of these charismatic spiders, in photos. [Read the full story about the new tarantula species]

Aphonopelma is a genus of tarantulas that includes nearly all species found in North America. A. eutylenum was originally described in 1940 and is found in California, west of the Mojave Desert. (Credit: Chris Hamilton)

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