Talking Photographs with Chris Leskovsek

September 19, 2014 1:39 PM

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Talking Photographs with Chris Leskovsek

Travel photography can be difficult. It's hard to take photos in a foreign land and not have them look like every other tourist photo of that time and place. This is harder, yet again, when one uses a compact camera - a snapshot machine - like the Ricoh GR. Yet, Chris Leskovsek, a 32-year-old Chilean-born photographer and designer, currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, has accomplished this exquisitely. These photographs are most certainly travel photos, taken by a foreigner in a foreign land, but they are also not merely travel photographs. That is, they are not simple amateur snapshots. Yet, this is not quite a documentary project either. "The Golden Land" is a series of photographs which seem to bridge the gap between travel snapshots and documentary photography, and they do it very well.

Michael Ernest Sweet: Chris, in some ways, this project reminds me of Daido Moriyama's journey to Tono. The dark contrasty images of the 'unfamiliar' but somehow loved; that is, although the imagery is dark, your love and compassion for the subject matter translates well. Was Burma completely random...

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