Taking A Bite Out Of The Shark Suit

July 1, 2014 3:41 PM

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Sharks have been ruling the world's oceans for 400 million years. That's a couple hundred million years before Pangea busted up and the continents started slipping all around the globe! Sharks were on the scene way before the age of dinosaurs, birds or mammals, and long before humans appeared on the face of the earth to wreak havoc with every other living creature in the natural world and increasingly invade shark habitat and complain about sharks being sharks. Ancient sharks were eating odd sea creatures that are now extinct; do you think they are flummoxed by stripes?

In contrast to most animals, people rely heavily on vision. Most animals rely on other senses that work much better in their environment. Vision under the ocean, if you haven't actually been underwater outside a swimming pool, is typically lousy. Other senses that work very well in water, including ...

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