Take Yourself Out of the Equation

July 16, 2014 9:41 PM

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Take Yourself Out of the Equation

Recently I attended a talk given by a dharma teacher who also happens to be an award winning poet. During the talk she spoke about mindfulness and the emphasis that is commonly put on the concept of "being in the moment." Now, as she is a poet, her words and description had an eloquence I can't even begin to convey. On my best days I might be able to devise a sexually inappropriate haiku. So this one is all on me to try and convey her message. (Prepare the life boats.)

What she related was a clarification around "being in the moment." The common perspective seems to focus on what is your personal perception of the moment. However, in actuality, "the moment" is complete in and of itself. It has nothing to do with "you."

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