Syzygy, an Alignment of Two Aesthetic Visions

April 2, 2015 4:14 PM

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Syzygy is the name of a two-man show opening on April 4th, north of New York City, in Lakeville, Connecticut. It is an alignment of two aesthetic visions. Those of Richard T Scott and those of myself, Brandon Kralik. Although we write extensively, we are both, first and foremost, painters. For years Richard and I have been working to much the same aim, to tell our individual stories in such a way that they resonate with a larger audience and to convey them using the classical techniques of oil paint.

In many ways to have a show of our work together was inevitable. Both Richard and I spent several years painting in the studios of Odd Nerdrum, myself in Norway and Richard in Paris. It was in Paris that we met 4 years ago and we have been collaborating in one way or another ever since. Both of our ...

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