March 14, 2015 10:51 PM

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Crime novelist Patricia Highsmith was renowned for her intense psychological thrillers, particularly her series featuring the murderer Tom Ripley, but she was also known for her reclusive, abrasive and even hateful personality. Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith tackles the complexities of Ms. Highsmith's character in this production, a two-hander starring Laura Linney as the novelist and Seth Numrich as a young emissary from Highsmith's publishing company who hopes to sign her on for a next, and likely last novel.

The play is set in Highsmith's isolated home in Locarno, Switzerland, where she assiduously avoids the world in the company of her cats, drinks and smokes heavily and contemplates her rapidly approaching death. Needless to say, she is hardly welcoming to the eager young man who has great aspirations...

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