Suzanne Vega Has Her Own Issues With ‘Llewyn Davis’

January 10, 2014 5:56 PM

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Suzanne Vega Has Her Own Issues With ‘Llewyn Davis’

The irate folkies – a group that actually exists – will be paying close attention to how “Inside Llewyn Davis” fares at the Golden Globes on Sunday, and on the awards circuit beyond. “My hunch is that if the film gets a bunch of Oscar noms — especially if it gets a nom for best picture — the dust-up won’t go away,” wrote Christine Lavin, the singer-songwriter who has been on a mission to clarify some things about what she believes the Coen brothers’ portrait of the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene got wrong. “Maybe it will become a haboob?” she added. “Love that word.”

The musician Suzanne Vega was too young to be a part of the scene in the ’60s, but she caught up a few years later. “I hung out in the Village from 1976 to 1985 as part of the folk scene pretty constantly and knew Dave Van Ronk,” an inspiration for the movie, “once I made it over to Folk City,” she ...

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