About Susan Sollins

October 30, 2014 9:12 PM

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Susan Sollins died on October 13 and changed the lives of all who knew her. It was such a sudden loss -- startling, saddening, totally unexpected. Susan was a person who planned and scheduled, who thrived on the day-to-day demands and deadlines that made her multiple accomplishments possible. Minute to minute, on the air, at events, while interviewing and writing and filming, Susan was always present. We are so used to her presence, to the way she lit a room, offered creative insight, kept things serious and forward moving, found the next big idea and made it public.

Susan's lifelong dedication was to promoting contemporary artists and their work: first at the Smithsonian Institution, where she worked as an educator and a curator; later as the co-founder of Independent Curators Incorporated, now Independent Curators International (ICI), the nonprofit organizatio...

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