SURVIVOR: San Juan del Sur "The Merge and PURGE!"

November 6, 2014 2:59 PM

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Was that the most un-dramatic quit you've ever seen? Like Jeremy said, it was just "ridiculous". First impression, Julie decided she wanted to leave the game because she was lonely. She didn't have any friends because she is just so beautiful and perfect that people don't approach her (her words, not mine). Really? I'm sure there might be a slight intimidation factor for like two seconds with a lot of new people that you meat, but the moment you start talking and/or interacting, that feeling disappears. She said "from day one, I was being judged!" When you are on a beach with strangers for a couple weeks, I'm SURE you get to know them pretty quick and you don't even notice what they look like. Are there luxury accommodations? Spa facilities, showers, laundry, elaborate dining? No, no, no and NO! Come on, Julie, you just didn't feel like it anymore? Yeah, yeah, it's always the thing about how hundreds of thousands of people have tried out countless times (pause to point my finger at myself!!!) but really, just to quit because she was missing old "Johnny Rocks"? Come on, sister, you coulda done better than that! How about faking abdominal pain? What about a healthy bout of diarrhea? How about swimming with the jelly fish? Jon's father is dying and he's out playing. This is just soooo frustrating to see someone walk away because it wasn't making her "feel good". The only GOOD thing is that she is not on the JURY! She gets to go and vacation with her boyfriend back at PONDEROSA, so at least she doesn't get a chance to influence the game anymore (remember when Na'Onka and Purple Kelly quit? They were still able to ask questions at the final TRIBAL COUNCIL). Lastly, and I promise (I've got my fingers crossed – okay, not literally, since it's impossible type without two fingers!!) WHY did she get an exit confession? Did any other quitters get that? I seem to remember a voice over for a medical evac in the past, but NEVER a full on confession! Was CBS afraid of John Rocker?

Right, then, back to the episode ... there was a MERGE! Or was it? TREE MAIL told them to pack up and hike to the top of the mountain. Jumping back a little, Keith was pretty mad that Missy didn't fill him in on their voting strategy. He quickly figured that if Dale had voted for him, that it would ...

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