Survivor recap: Rocker gets rocked

October 2, 2014 4:02 AM

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John Rocker found a hidden immunity idol. Let’s all hear it for John Rocker! I point that out here and now because that was pretty much the only thing John Rocker did right this episode of Survivor. I mean, other than that, this entire installment was one blown save after blown save for the former relief pitcher. (Check me out flaunting a little baseball terminology. Hey, who's on first?) First off, Rocker volunteered for a reward challenge he had no business competing in because his huge frame would make it super difficult to crouch under poles while balancing the ball on the disc. (I know because I not only took part in this challenge rehearsal but spent an hour after helping producers fine-tune it for the contestants—more on that later.) What possibly made him think he was the best person to take that challenge on? As if this was not demoralizing enough for him, he also lost in the immunity challenge 1-on-1 battle to Jon without an H.

So the professional athlete went 0-2 in physical challenges. But his strategic game was even worse. Stuck at Exile (non) Island, Rocker agreed to help protect Jeremy's wife, Val. So what does he do when he gets back to camp? He squeals to Josh about Val having two idols (and don't worry, we'll get i...

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