Surviving the Holiday Blues

December 23, 2014 8:57 PM

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This year, I entered the holiday season in a funk. At work and at home, I felt pulled in too many directions. I received some health news that weighed on me. I'd given a lot of personal time and energy into an election season where most of my candidates got whooped. Everything taking place on the news -- from Ferguson to the hostage situation in Australia -- made me feel helpless. The thought of the holidays seemed overwhelming, and if I'm being completely honest, I really just wanted it to come and go without having to participate at all.

I didn't want to admit this to anyone, even to myself. For starters, I didn't consider my situation to be a case of full-blown depression, but rather, the Holiday Blues, or my own little personal version of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It wasn't like I was confined to the bed or anything. Then again...

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