How to Surrender With Grace

September 10, 2014 12:18 PM

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How to Surrender With Grace

When you think of surrender, what comes to mind? In the past, I've associated surrender with old western movies where the hero asks the villain to put his hands up and the villain is left to say "I give up." Many of us associate surrender with weakness, giving up, and losing. Think of games that you played as a child where you surrendered; that ultimately meant you lost the game. It doesn't leave a very good feeling in your body when you associate surrender with these feelings that are not as serving.

But what if surrender wasn't actually any of these things at all? What if surrender was in fact an empowering choice that you made? When you re-frame the belief that surrender is something that we choose to help give us peace or closure, it shifts your mindset from giving up and losing to letting go...

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