In Support of Gigi, Entertainment & Vanessa Hudgens

April 9, 2015 5:56 PM

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I'm not a critic. I've always thought I'd make a pretty bad one -- little things bother me a tremendous amount, or not at all, depending on my mood. I have odd tastes. But the one thing I would have going for me is that I never prejudge. Yes, I look forward to some things more than other things, often based on buzz, but I've never said anything like, "She's horrible," before I saw a performance. This past fall, I was unhappy the Broadway community seemed reluctant to embrace The Last Ship (before performances even began) because of some predisposed notions. This spring, I come to the defense of another musical I think people had really ingrained ideas about, Gigi.

Vanessa Hudgens. Most people my mother's age have no idea who she is. When they find out, they are not happy. "Couldn't a real performer do this role? Why didn't they cast a Broadway person?" This is something I've heard over the years about many Hollywood performers who dare to grace the musical st...

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