Supermassive black hole’s quasar is fastest ever formed

February 26, 2015 9:56 PM

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Scientists lead by Xue-Bing Wu from Peking University have spotted a quasar that dates back nearly to the beginning of time. This beast goes by the name of SDSSJ010013.021280225.8 - or if you want to be short about it, just SDSS J0100+2802. What makes this monstrous heavenly body so important is its age and its size. While it's not the largest black hole ever detected, it's still 12 billion times our own Sun's mass - and it's sitting in the center of a quasar that's very, very bright.

The image you see above comes from artist M Kornmesser and the ESO. "Artist's impression of J0100+2802."

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