Sugar, The Movie, And Homeless Youth In America

July 23, 2014 10:34 PM

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Sugar, The Movie, And Homeless Youth In America

It's the seedy side of life-the part of life you pretend doesn't exist. At first, I only noticed the one man I wrote about last Fall, the one passed out in front of my local Wawa. But now I've started to notice them every day when I go to pick up my husband at the train station. Some days, they just stand at the traffic light holding a sign that no one can read. They know it doesn't matter that no one can read them because no one looks at them anyway. We look away. We look away from the signs. We look away from the person holding the sign. We wait for the light to turn green while we look away. Some days, I roll down my window and empty the change cup in the car for them. Other days, the days I get to the station a bit early, they sometimes get more bold. They knock on my car window. They tell me a sob story. I buy it. I give them more change.

Who is this helping? Is this helping me? Do I really feel better about myself? Do I really feel better that I handed over a few cents to someone who claimed to need it? Do they really need it? What will they go do with it? Will it buy them drugs? Will it buy them a meal? Will it really help them? Wh...

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