The Sublime Through the Eyes of Steven DaLuz

August 20, 2014 10:14 PM

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The Sublime Through the Eyes of Steven DaLuz

Steven DaLuz's ideas about the sublime are an attempt to weave a thread of continuum through art history. By saying that artists from the Renaissance to the Modernists and beyond were, are, striving for the same thing, the sublime, DaLuz tries to ease the rift between post modern concepts and classical technique into one current of human endeavor, a desire to express that which is just beyond our grasp.

The idea that post modernist art is a progression, an evolution from the Greeks, is one that does not set well with me so when I first came into contact with DaLuz's ideas, which he presented at TRAC2014, I was skeptical. I still am but in order to better understand the philosophical ideas of my con...

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