study unravels Genitalia Evolution

November 5, 2014 9:28 PM

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study unravels Genitalia Evolution

A breakthrough study authored by Harvard University developmental biologists has finally resolved the mystery of how sexual organs appeared for the first time in vertebrates. According to their findings, shortly after our sea-dwelling ancestors migrated on land, creatures were pressured to quickly evolve genitalia – which they didn’t require up until then. These sexual organs, at least for snakes and lizards, originated from the limbs. The study also found that in mice, the sex organs had genetic origins in the tail bud. I can smell a joke cooking up.

At first, the researchers were interested in studying limb origin and evolution, but as the biological reverse engineering steadily unfolded before their eyes, they came across a more interesting objective – sexual organs. They soon found that if they ran the right tweaks, they could coax embryonic...

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