Study (Almost) Suggests Yogurt Has No Long-Term Health Benefits

April 23, 2015 7:02 AM

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It’s official – wolfing down copious amounts of yogurt primarily for the sake of your health may be a futile endeavor to say the least. Despite having been linked with all manner of quite miraculous health-giving properties by prior studies, a new large-scale and long-term look into the truth behind the dairy delight paints a wholly less exciting picture. No help with weight loss, no benefit to bone strength and no better quality of life…nada…zip.

That’s all according to a research team from Autonomous University of Madrid, who over the course of three and a half years studied the yogurt-eating habits of around 4,500 adults to see who came out better – yogurt fans or those who abstain. They noted the yogurt consumption habits of each person a...

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