Street Art: It's Not Meant to be Permanent

July 23, 2014 4:10 PM

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Street Art: It's Not Meant to be Permanent

I did a huge mural in downtown LA last year and felt very blessed to get a chance to do such a big space. Recently the building buffed over it, and people have asked me how I feel about it. But I think they forget, I've been doing billboards, bus shelter posters, paste-ups and other extremely temporal art on the streets for many years. I don't believe Street Art is meant to be permanent. If the owner of the building wants it down, if someone paints over it to paint something new, it's all fine because it's fulfilled its purpose. Street Art is an experience, and then it's a photo, a You Are Not Here moment. These moments are meant to mark time, and to remark on times. And times change.

I studied photography in college. I would draw figures in charcoal on cardboard and put them into public places to take my photos. Eventually, I went over the billboards in the backgrounds with my own art, and the billboards became the foregrounds of my photos. All of it was handpainted on seamless ...

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