How a Stray Dog Taught Me the Value of Inner Peace

February 2, 2015 6:35 PM

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When I was a boy in small town Minnesota, there was a small dog living in my neighborhood. The pup, named Snapper, belonged to no one, but the entire neighborhood adopted the little guy as our own. The streets were safe, so Snapper was able to roam free, visiting the neighborhood homes at his leisure and enjoying scraps of food wherever they were given. During the adventures of our young neighborhood brigade, Snapper was our unofficial mascot. He led us bravely into imaginary battles, time and time again.

Snapper's nice demeanor, however, changed drastically in the presence of other dogs, especially bigger dogs (and most dogs were bigger than Snapper). He suddenly became nervous. His legs became stiff and his shaggy eyebrows curved downward. His tail, which usually spun with the velocity of a friendl...

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