A Stravinsky Vaudeville with Claws: The Feather Gatherers

July 5, 2014 3:59 PM

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A Stravinsky Vaudeville with Claws: The Feather Gatherers

If the Devil had a band that doubled as a theater production company, that company might the The Drunkards Wife, for nothing this delightfully experimental could be considered holy. But then again, that depends on which gods you revere. DIY theater makers, Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanigan, have long been tinkering with history and music, reframing old tales in new exciting ways. Their latest co-authored collaboration The Feather Gatherers "a visionary tale of seduction and abandonment . . . A fictional Stravinsky vaudeville set in 1960's Serbia channeling Yugoslavian Black Wave film" premiere's in the 2014 Ice Factory at the New Ohio Theater July 9-12th.

Your work involves extensive fantastical world creation which includes theater, music and more. What kind of world have you created for the Feather Gatherers? CF: Action and spectacle! Lots of dances. The show is fast-paced -- there are big emotions, there is silliness. There are fabulous costumes, ...

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