How to Stop Worrying | Cliff Hsia

January 14, 2015 4:27 PM

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Worrying doesn't have any benefits associated with it. You become anxious, nervous, fearful, jealous, and even shameful. You lose sleep over your worries, your health deteriorates, and you try to comfort yourself with anything that might offer an escape. Your relationships suffer because you become easily irritable and less patient with others. And you lose focus on what's most important in your life because you're fixated on your worries and cannot get them out of your head.

I used to be an incessant worrier. Will I get an A on my exam? Will I get good SAT scores? Will I get into my top choices for schools? Will I get the scholarships I need? Will I find the right job? Will I have a wife and family? Will my kids be happy and healthy? Will I ever be rich? The list goes o...

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