Stop Giving Up Unhealthy Habits!

October 2, 2014 8:07 PM

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Stop Giving Up Unhealthy Habits!

I was watching the Today show a few weeks ago. There was a competition brewing between Matt, Willie, and a group of viewers -- they all vowed to give up something unhealthy for 30 days. From what I surmised, Tamron was also part of the challenge, but only lasted 10 days before her sweet tooth got the better of her. While I applaud the idea of challenging yourself to become healthier, I found myself wondering why we feel the need to approach our healthy habit creation with negative reinforcement vs. positive. Taking things away from ourselves for a period of time is like punishment; it's as if we are giving ourselves a "time out" for being bad. Sure, after 30 days, there is a very good chance that behavioral change is made, but at what cost to our sanity?

But that's how we roll. We beat ourselves up daily because we aren't perfect. Work an extra two hours on a project because good isn't good enough. Deprive ourselves of that special dessert because we want to lose that last five pounds. Commit to another engagement because giving to others is "better...

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