Stop Copying Me!

October 16, 2014 7:35 PM

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When the senior editor of Stylecaster, Perrie Samotin, contacted me about writing my professional thoughts about copycatting, I admit, it's not a topic I had recently given a lot of thought to. Copying someone's style becomes less of an issue as women become more and more knowledgeable and secure about who they are, and their own individuality. Having said that, we all have a little "copycatting" tendencies in us. In fact, the whole fashion industry depends on it. But when does having our personal style copied actually cross a line? And is there anything we can or should do about do about it? I share my psychotherapeutic thoughts in the following Q&A with the editor of

1. Firstly, should you even care if someone copies your style? Is it worth getting upset over?

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