Stephen Colbert's Silver Beard Just Made Our Week

February 20, 2015 7:52 PM

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Stephen Colbert's Silver Beard Just Made Our Week

If there was any confusion about what the Citizen's United ruling and unlimited private donations meant to our election system, there certainly wasn't after Colbert was through mucking about with them. The host created a very real PAC, followed by a Super PAC during the 2012 campaign season, and with a little help from Jon Stewart, educated Americans on exactly how much he could bend the rules every night.

After auctioning off a portrait of himself for $26,000, Colbert went on his show and announced that Jimmy Fallon had agreed to match those funds. Only problem was, he never told Jimmy he was going to do that. As Fallon explained in an interview with our own Arianna, "Literally he did not call me or ...

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