Step Into Your Truth With These 4 Simple Steps

July 8, 2014 6:40 PM

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Step Into Your Truth With These 4 Simple Steps

Are you ready to live a life of truth and self-acceptance? Live your truth right here, right now. What does this mean exactly? It means to live your most truthful self. Inside you is a person waiting to jump out and live in truth and openness. Most of us spend our days living up to expectations and definitions. In this way you, me, all of us are living to be someone different than who we truly are. This is a lie. It is time to live your truth and own it.

Here is a scenario you may be familiar with: You have been invited out by friends to join them for the evening. Even though it has been a long day, you agree. In your mind you are already deciding what to wear. You go through your closet to find an outfit. Take a moment and get out of your person, w...

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