Step Into The World Of Interstellar With This Incredibly Immersive Experience

October 6, 2014 7:01 PM

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The world of Interstellar space program is a far off possibility that's set in an undetermined time in our future. While humanity still looks to the stars and wonders what's out there, the daring mission of traveling through a wormhole and finding a new and completely alien surrounding is something that, at this time, purely exists in the realm of science fiction. However, just because it's a far flung fiction doesn't mean you can't experience the future today.

Variety reported yesterday that Paramount and Warner Bros are teaming up with Occulus Rift to bring audiences an advanced, immersive look at the world of Interstellar, specifically a tour of the film's central spacecraft, the "Endurance." Starting today in New York City, and carrying through to the ...

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