Stay at Home Mom Explains How She Makes a Living on Etsy

August 12, 2014 10:28 PM

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Stay at Home Mom Explains How She Makes a Living on Etsy

Way back in the day, people used to make a living selling arts and crafts and useful objects they handcrafted. They'd create their products and then meet in the local town square or village market to sell them. While this worked really well, it wasn't necessarily sustainable or profitable enough to keep someone from being impoverished. Your customer pool was also limited to people in your village and to travelers passing by. Today, thanks to technology and the Internet that's all changed. Etsy has given thousands of artisans the opportunity to sell their arts and crafts and related products on their global platform. One of these artisans is Mollie Flatley.

Mollie Flately is the founder of Nora Jane. Nora Jane is a handmade rubber stamp company that Mollie operates from her home. According to, Mollie is the 8th highest gross selling handmade artisan on Etsy. That's quite an accomplishment. In the six years since she's been selling her...

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