State of HIV in Black America and here in Onondaga County

February 6, 2015 10:23 PM

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Healthcare representatives and concerned members of the Syracuse and Onondaga County community joined a webcast today from New York City called State of HIV in Black America… the Intersection of Health, Education and Community in the Fight to END Aids. Sometimes adults who grew up around substance abuse often become drug users themselves. That’s according to V-P of Aids United, Dr. Vignetta Charles. She explains that makes getting a place to live and staying clean difficult.

“If you try to get into a housing project and you’re not clean, right, and you’re still using; they’re not going to sign you up for a housing project. And what we found, we’ve supported this project in Pittsburgh. It’s crime reduction housing; so you can come in, if you’re still an active user. Thos...

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