The State Of The Art at DC/Warner Brothers

September 10, 2014 9:19 AM

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In order to properly debate the future success or failure of DC/Warner Brothers creation of a shared cinematic universe we have to start with a base understanding of their vision. I am not quoting any company execs just looking at what they have been doing these last few years. Warner Brothers is the parent company of DC Comics. They are one of the oldest Hollywood studios and have been responsible for some of cinemas greatest films. Marvel Studios in contrast is a relatively new entity. While they do have the financial backing and available resources of the Disney corporation, they are still basically an independent company.

During the thirty plus years Warner has owned DC they have made several live action films and television projects, with varying success rates. Times and technology change and with it so does the publics reaction to superheroes and their stories. In the 70's Wonder Woman had a short but successful ru...

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