Starz Orders 'Evil Dead' TV Series

November 10, 2014 10:25 PM

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Screen Crush critic Matt Singer noted in his review, "It is certainly not for the faint of heart; two women in the row behind me left about halfway through the movie, after one told the other that she 'couldn’t handle it.'" At the “Evil Dead” junket in Los Angeles, I talked to one seasoned journalist who admitted to leaving long before that, saying it was only the second movie she'd ever walked out of. Obviously, journalists aren't in the habit of exiting movies since it's their job to sit through to the end credits, but when [not really a spoiler since this is in all the promo photos] a character takes a broken mirror to her face and begins cutting it off, I nearly walked out myself.

According to a few online forums (and director Fede Alvarez's Twitter account), a man fainted at a screening in Phoenix, Ariz. The director proudly tweeted "#missionaccomplished." A rumor has also been floating around that a woman soiled herself from fear at another screening.

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