Starving the Gay Within | Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.D.

September 7, 2014 1:00 PM

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Starving the Gay Within | Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.D.

When I began running in the late winter of 1995, I had no idea that I was launching a war -- on myself and my body. At first I couldn't even run a mile. I was never one of the fast ones when we took those fitness tests in high school -- the 50-yard dash, sit-ups, the mile. The first time I went outside, in the raw, late-March wintery mix of rain and sleet and snow, I could barely move my heavy, untoned body for more than 10 minutes. The cold air burned my lungs and made me cough. I'd never run long distances before, but something inside me made me get on the road.

At first a mile took me 20 minutes, then 15, and then 12. I ran every day with determination, and when it hurt, I knew it was working. Eventually one mile became two, then five, then eight, and then 10. When I noticed that my suit pants for work were becoming looser around my waist, I made the conne...

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