As Staff Members In Higher Education, It's Our Job To Help Students Heal

April 21, 2015 8:54 PM

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Twenty some years ago I was an undergraduate at John Carroll University and was a work-study student in the Dean of Students office. Daily, I would see Dean Joe Farrell invite students in to his office to deal with issues that faced them as they were undergraduates. I never knew what happened behind those closed doors, but I knew students came out of Dean Farrell's office with a different attitude, a happier one, than the one with which they entered. I saw how Dean Farrell affected students. It was in those years I learned I wanted to be a Dean of Students.

Fast forward twenty years and I have my dream job as the Dean of Students at the University of North Texas. I have seen so many different student issues I could write a book about them, and many readers would believe the book was fiction due to the level of severity of issues our students face. I wa...

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