Stabilize Then Mobilize | Jenn Zerling

January 16, 2015 9:37 PM

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Finding stability in the body is the most crucial aspect to building a strong foundation in your bones, joints and muscles when it comes to both healthy aging and optimal performance. Not only do you reduce your risk of falls, but you also strengthen the fascia that surrounds the ligaments and joints. According to South Orange County, California-based age management specialist Dr. Colin Jairam, M.D., "Building a strong core is essential to avoiding injury in any strength training program." The trick is to take your time doing the stability exercises and focus on aligning your joints properly so that you can fire up the correct muscles when performing the exercises.

In this program, every muscle group will be addressed, in compound form, which means training multiple muscles in one movement. You will first begin with a stability exercise moving slowly through the repetitions and follow the exercise with a strength exercise, in a super set fashion. The same musc...

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