St. Valentine and the Meaning of Life | Tony Woodcock

February 12, 2015 6:02 PM

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Once upon a time in the ancient land of Persia there was a King. He had ruled his land for 10 years and built upon the successes of his father, who had won many battles to the greater glory of the Kingdom and who in turn had honored his father, the present King's grandfather, by building beautiful palaces, towers, gardens and fountains. The palace where the King lived was thought to be the jewel of the land. It sprang from the desert, had many waterways, libraries and a magnificent university, which was known throughout the world for learning and intellectual discoveries. The King had brought many of the great translations of the ancient Greek and Roman texts from Cordoba, in the land of Andalusia, for the study and amusement of his people. The Palace had been decorated throughout by some of the finest artisans who had designed porticos and reliefs revealing the beauty of nature, the magical words of poetry and the detailed geometric abstracts that were there to represent the perfection of God, for his image could never be portrayed. The land was rich, its merchants praised and respected throughout the known world, and peace had descended and the people were content.

But the King was unhappy. Although he knew that he possessed all that a man could possibly wish for, including 70 concubines whose names he could never remember, and had more gold in his treasury than was thought possible, still he was unhappy. The King showed his unhappiness by his moods and sudden...

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