Spring Fashion: How Boho Will You Go?

February 13, 2015 9:34 PM

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Spring Fashion: How Boho Will You Go?

IN A TELLING maneuver, Sienna Miller, who’s emerging as a more serious actress in films like “American Sniper,” has cleaned up considerably on the fashion front. Gone is the look with which she first made a splash over a decade ago—tie-dyed dresses, studded belts and long, beachy hair occasionally topped with floral crowns. In its place, in recent red-carpet and talk-show appearances, is a more restrained style: a smart bob and clothes that skew sharper, more polished.

Stylist Kate Young , who’s been working with the actress since last September, hasn’t entirely wiped the slate, however. “I don’t think Sienna should dress like a man,” she said. “That doesn’t make any sense.” Instead, Ms. Young sought to “find the organic within designer pieces.” That means a strip...

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