How to Spot and Disarm a Narcissist

January 26, 2015 2:45 PM

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How often have you met someone new and been won over by their charm? Or perhaps there's a rising star at work who seems to do everything right and knows just what to say, never missing a beat in his or her flawlessness. Or maybe you have a friend who always seems to get his or her needs met through you, yet always manages to find a way to make you feel special. Although these scenarios can be taken at face value, they can also be indicative of someone's narcissism at play. Although a small dose of narcissism can actually be healthy, there's a very fine line between what is normal and what is pathological.

Narcissism in its purest form is a personality disorder that occurs more in males than in females and is found in approximately 6.2% of the general population. The disorder causes the person to look eternally for a view that will reflect him or her as Mr. or Ms. Wonderful. The Narcissist has a low s...

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