The Spookie Mind

November 11, 2014 6:07 PM

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Quantum mechanics brought in the role of observation in a primary way, and the participatory universe of John A. Wheeler is a natural consequence of measurement theory in the standard John von Neumann quantum view established more than 80 years ago. An important non-trivial aspect of quantum nonlocality, implied by entangled quantum states, has been demonstrated in numerous experiments. These works have confirmed the correctness of quantum mechanical predictions. Quantum theory in its foundations implies a primary role for the mind and interactions of observers with objects under observation. Whatever is meant by the word reality, mind and observation seem to be tied to the quantum world. Since quanta form the physical universe, we cannot anymore take the mind as separate from the objects it is examining.

Yet, despite these profound experimental results confirming quantum physics, today's scientific assumptions, and they are just assumptions, assign mental activity to physical process and seek explanations with no obvious role for the observer or agency implied by quantum physics. Although advancing ...

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