Spiked Increases in Levels of Cortisol may Cause Short-Term Memory Lapse in Adults

June 18, 2014 12:09 PM

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The Journal of Neuroscience has published a new study indicating short-term memory lapses in adults suffering from high stress levels. Higher levels of the natural hormone Cortisol are released in our body when we have to cope with stress over a period. We all require a certain level of this hormone in our bodies for coping with the many challenges that we face in our lives. However, when our stress levels are taxed, there is a prolonged spike which leads to problems in adults such as anxiety, high blood pressure and digestion problems, among others.

Research was carried out at the University of Iowa and there are indications that the region of the brain that helps us process and store information may not perform as well when large amounts of Cortisol are released. There is a loss of synapses which are connections that allows us to store and pro...

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