Spielberg Dinosaur, Brooklyn Tarantula, Cancer-Curing Farts: Fake, Fake, Fake

July 12, 2014 4:15 PM

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By now we’ve become accustomed to at least one serving of jumped-up viral bollocks per week, but it’s the rare gem of a day in which we get three all at once. The trifecta came in on Friday, after an internet joker posted a photo of Steven Spielberg and a triceratops on the set of Jurassic Park with the obviously satirical caption that suggested he had hunted the beast for sport. “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man,” Jay Branscomb wrote. What followed was a group of people, obviously in on the joke, riffing off of it. “Disgraceful. No wonder dinosaurs became extinct. Sickos like this kill every last one of them as soon as they are discovered. He should be in prison,” and so on.

As you will be unsurprised to hear, the garbage-peddlers of the internet seized the opportunity to misread the story. A Whole Bunch Of People On Facebook Thought Steven Spielberg Killed A Real Dinosaur wrote Buzzfeed, a story Mediaite took up as well. The rest of the internet fell in line: US Weekly...

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