Spider-Man Swings His Way To Marvel Studios

February 10, 2015 6:39 AM

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It happened, and fans around the world are rejoicing. Sony and Marvel Studios have announced today that Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel cinematic universe at long last. The announcement today lays out a plan in which the web-swinger will appear in a Marvel film sometime between now and the June 2017 release of the next solo Spidey flick, meaning we’re going to see Spider-Man cross over into the MCU in one of the next few Marvel movies — Captain America: Civil War isn’t officially confirmed as the candidate film but is almost certainly the one, since that was the focus of Marvel’s efforts to set up the initial crossover and the information I heard about Spider-Man heading to Marvel came along with details about Cap’s third movie.

After that crossover appearance followed by a solo outing, Spider-Man would then see guest appearances by other Marvel Studios characters in the Sony Sony movies, while Spidey made occasional appearances in the MCU films. Sony and Marvel will work together on coming up with the new direction for the...

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