Space Scientists plan to blast space debris with frickin’ lasers, study says

April 18, 2015 10:41 AM

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The debris from outer space is a serious problem for the scientists concerned with the protection of Earth from extraterrestrial dangers. Think of this debris as a ring, like Saturn`s rings, made of no longer functioning satellites and other such remains, which encircles the planet Earth and not only that, but represents a worrying threat to our planet. Basically, Earth has got its own Saturn`s rings, but made of dangerous junk, after the human race has bravely proceeded in its noble and soon to be necessary quest of conquering the universe.

Being a matter whose relevance is of international level, getting rid of the space debris has been approached recently by a global team of researchers. The Japanese Riken research institute in one of the main leaders of the study. The scientists who are involved in this research have claimed to have...

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