Southland Season Finale Review: The End, Probably

April 18, 2013 7:08 AM

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Southland Season Finale Review: The End, Probably

It can be tough watching an episode that might be a series' last. There are no guarantees in the television industry, but these days it feels like networks and studios generally give shows more of a heads up than they used to; you usually know when you're going out. Officially, we don't yet know Southland's fate. The ratings in this fifth season weren't very good, but TNT can't help but like having such a critically beloved show on its roster and all of the network's other winter shows pretty much tanked as well. However, three of the four series stars have booked pilot gigs, and Ben McKenzie's is even with a Warner Bros. show, the same studio that owns Southland. Things aren't looking good.

As a result, I imagine that there might be fans of the show who didn't particularly like "Reckoning," the Season 5 finale. There will be people who suggest that it didn't provide enough tangible resolution, or that it left the story on an important cliffhanger. Although I understand that perspective...

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