South Cheatham Advocate

July 23, 2014 9:40 PM

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What’s Over The Horizon? For some reason, the month of July has always been special for me to take in the observation of the moon. No, I’m not involved in some kind of way out there religion or smoke any kind of kooky weeds, but if you have not noticed it, the moon in July is usually extra special. I guess, due to the fact we spend more time outside in the summer we have the opportunity to see it more. Just recently, we had the chance to see the Super Moon, which was a very bright moon for our summertime viewing.

Even as a small boy, I would stretch out on the porch or on a hillside on July nights and gaze at the moon, wondering about what is out there among the stars and that large bright object. Now as an older boy, a much older boy, I still enjoy doing the gazing bit with the moon, even though I know a lo...

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