Source Mixology: Cocktail Recipes by the Numbers

January 17, 2015 7:32 AM

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Source Mixology: Cocktail Recipes by the Numbers

SOME OF THE RECIPES in “Liquid Intelligence,” the new cocktail book from food-science authority Dave Arnold, require more commitment—or at least more gear—than one would expect from the average home bartender. For instance, Mr. Arnold, who helms high-tech Manhattan bar Booker and Dax for the Momofuku restaurant group, offers advice on clarifying juice with a centrifuge and installing a carbon dioxide tank under your kitchen sink.

But when he turns to the fundamental science of a drink, his observations offer insight to anyone with a cocktail shaker and a few basic ingredients. His most actionable conclusion: All good mixed drinks consist of a balance of basic elements that is wholly predictable, and therefore easy to duplica...

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